Our wedding party

Mindy's attendants
  • Melissa Lockton, Matron Of Honor
    Melissa is my older sister whom I've strived to emulate since the day I was born. She has become one of my best friends. She is a wonderful mother to my three nieces who I adore immensely. (Evelyn her oldest is our precious flower girl)
  • Kali Vaughan, Maid Of Honor
    Kali is my little sister who I've seen blossom into a strong and caring woman. She is not only my sister but one of my best friends. I'm so very blessed to have these amazing women share in this wonderful moment in my life.
  • Mandy Miller, Bridesmaid
    Mandy and I have been friends since I moved to Michigan my sophomore year of high school. She is there for me whenever I need her. I always know that even if it's been three months since we've talked, we will be able to pick up right where we left off.
  • Kristin Herndon, Bridesmaid
    Kristin and I became fast friends about a year after we graduated when we were both living in KC. There was just something about Kristin that I couldn't resist.... probably her adorable smile or her winning personality or maybe her incredibly big heart.
  • Sierra Ehrman, Bridesmaid
    We met our very first day of college in physiology. We soon realized that we were in almost every class together that first year, which was a good thing since we were both nursing majors. I love our late night study sessions followed by a tall glass of wine. Even though Sierra has moved away from me, we have kept close over the years.
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